About Kenseikan Moscow

Kenseikans strongly affiliated to the Kiryoku dojo in the Netherlands.

We practice:
  • Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei Jodo & Shindo Muso ryu Jodo
  • Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei Iaido & Muso Shinden ryu Iaido

About me

My name is Jef Heuvelmans (7-dan jodo renshi, 4-dan iaido and 2-dan karatedo Wadoryu)
Practicing martial arts some 35 years now and once started with kung-fu.
After i moved to Amsterdam to study at the University i eventually stuck to wadokarate, jodo and iaido.

My lineage

I am a proud student of Kiryoku founder Rene van Amersfoort sensei (7-dan iaido kyoshi, 8-dan jodo kyoshi, 5-dan karatedo, 4-dan kendo)
Rene van Amersfoort sensei is student of Louis Vitalis sensei (7 dan iaido renshi, 7-dan jodo kyoshi, 7-dan kendo kyoshi)
Louis Vitalis sensei is student of Ishido Shizufumi (8-dan iaido hanshi, 8-dan jodo kyoshi)

Rene van Amersfoort sensei is also Wado-karatedo student of Fumio Sugasawa sensei (7-dan, Shikukai karate-do renmei; Wado ryu karate)

Budo related

Member of Kiryoku dojo
Member of dutch kendo renmei (Nederlandse Kendo Renmei, NKR)
Member of Shikukai karate, England
Member of European Kendo Federation (EKF)
Board-member with the dutch federation of eastern martial arts (Federatie Oosterse Gevechtskunsten, FOG)